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Web Hosting Companies:

This section is simply dedictaed to listing a number of top web hosting companies out there.

With hundreds of them out there, it is easy to be put on a server with 300 to 500 other sites and for yours to run real slow due becasue of it. Otherwise, you could have your site with somebody that is going to go out of business next week, which has happened to many people.

Here's what we see as the 'short list' of solid web hosting providers.

  Interland Web Hosting for only $7.95 per month

Interland is one of a number of very well respected companies we will list here for you. This will be a short list, but these are the best of the best.

  PowerWeb offers "All in One" Web Hosting! - $7.77/month!

PowerWeb is another larger reputable provider you can feel confident hosting with.

  EasyCGI Offers Web Hosting from $7.96/month!

The price point these days is $7.95 and everyone is selling their services in this range. EasyCGI is also a good provider.

  Reliable web hosting from Yahoo! Domain name included.

Yahoo is always a safe bet, they are definately not going anywhere. They have an excellent user interface, however, they can not run the more complex shopping cart systems out there with the ease that some others like the 1and1.com's etc can.

  GoDaddy.com - Great for Web Hosting, not Just Domains

Yes, we recommend them for hosting as well. We know this because we use GoDaddy.com to host 18 sites that fall under the CordesMedia umbrella. You can trust them as well.

  1and1.com -> Also Great for Site Hosting

If you plan to host multiple sites, this is where you want to be. Get the developer package which will cost you $20 per month and comes with 5 Free domains. Every domain after that will cost you $5.99. And again we know this because we use 1and1.com to host:






and many others,..