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About Us:

Owned and operated by CordesMedia, we focus on delivering Online Solutions for both Merchants and Consumers.

Our detailed bio and the complete list of other CordesMedia properties are enclosed below.

The Bio: the real scoop !

Our first published site was in 1995, when the web was something no one ever heard of. We consulted on friend's commerce site retailing cigars online in 1997 when only 20 sites existed for the search 'cigars'. Uhhh yeah, just now Yahoo returned 6,120,000 sites for the keyword 'cigars'.

So in 1998, we kept playing with code and ideas then worked on a plan for an online cigar retailer of our own. Remember the IBM commercial showing a woman starting a Sunglass store online and retiring a year later on a Yacht. Well we wanted a Yacht and since we knew cigars, that's what we did. While keeping a day job as a Project Manager of Web Development for a major online travel site you have used, we built the StogieStuff.com website from scratch. Started it with 'No Money'. Coded keywords so well it sat in the top 2 tenths of 1% of keyword searches for 40 different cigar brands for years, it still sits up well today.

We figured, if we didn't get rich, we'd learn a lot to apply it in the day job. Though we sold cigars in more than 15 different countries, we never made it rich. However, the experience has paid big dividends in the day job.

Over the past 5 years, we developed products that have served millions of people (probably including you), plus have managed Quality Assurance teams, Product Support teams, Site Operations teams and large call centers for a website visited by hundreds of thousands of customers a day - which also generates millions of dollars in daily revenues.

Aside from self taught coding and IT experience, Executive IT courses have been completed at MIT in 2004, with a Master's program in the Management of Information Technology set to start May of 2005 at the University of Virginia.

That all said, we're just smart tech guys trying to provide you great web services at good low prices (and even FREE). Please have confidence in our products and services.

Also, we ask you to tell your friends about the site. Enjoy !

Other sites we own & operate:

ExpiredDomainSearch.net which enables individuals to locate great domains including expiring domains in Yahoo or the DMOZ database

SubmitMySite.net which enable website owners to submit their sites to 260+ search engines for one low fee

StogieStuff.com an excellent online retailer of cigars and cigar accessories

Plus, we have more sites on the way !