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Expired Domain Names:

Expired Domains Names are the best way to get great domain names these days. Many great sites exist to help you locate expired domains and soon to be expiring domains, but they tend to charge an arm and a leg.

With this in mind, we launched ExpiredDomainSearch.net where you can create a FREE account to locate just dropped domains or pay a small fee to locate domains in the Yahoo directory that are about to expire. Domains in Yahoo can get you great traffic and save you the fees to add your site to Yahoo.

We also have links to excellent sites where you can register domains in the section below.


One of the best sites on the internet to locate DMOZ and Yahoo domains. You can also:

Perform a 'WhoIS' look up to see who owns a domain so you can make an offer to buy it if it's already owned.

Additionally, we have a monitoring tool that allows you to monitor specific domains and receive a confirmation email when it becomes available.

With FREE accounts, you really need to create one today.

We do ask you to kindly tell friends about our sites. The services are FREE, and we appreciate your help.

  GoDaddy.com - World's #1 Domain Name Registrar

You've absolutely heard of GoDaddy and there Super Bowl commercials, but like those or hate them, they are a great place to register domain names as low as $3.99 and to host your website. We know this because we use GoDaddy.com to host 18 sites that fall under the CordesMedia umbrella.

  1and1.com -> Trusted by Over 3 million Customers

You may not have heard of {insert 1nad1.com ad link} however, they are a great place to register your domains as low as $5.99 and to host sites as well. If you plan to host multiple sites, get the developer package which will cost you $20 per month and comes with 5 Free domains. Every domain after that will cost you $5.99. And again we know this because we use 1and1.com to host:






and many others,..